Tink rolls out settlement accounts

Tink rolls out settlement accounts

Open banking platform Tink has rolled out settlement accounts, providing merchant customers with a full-stack payments offering that performs automated refunds, payouts, and reconciliation, alongside the Swedish firm's Payment Initiation Services.

Market Outlook – 05/04/2020 – David Settle

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Qualified Settlement Funds A Formidable Settlement Tool for Protecting Vulnerable Clients

A $1.6 Quadrillion Opportunity – Securities Clearing and Settlement

A $1.6 Quadrillion Opportunity – Securities Clearing and Settlement

Using a blockchain for clearing and settlement of securities – potentially cutting waiting times from days to minutes – is one of the hottest use-cases for the technology. What’s at stake is a massive market: the DTCC clears $1.6 quadrillion in transactions annually, for example.
Our panel has a wealth of experience in the space: Hans Morris leads fintech venture firm Nyca Partners, and is a former president of Visa Inc, and a CFO of Citi’s investment bank. Blythe Masters runs Digital Asset Holdings, which is addressing the space, and she was global head of commodities at JP Morgan. Houman Shadab is a leading thinker in the space and provides a legal perspective on the debate.