Revolut partners Tink for European payments

Revolut partners Tink for European payments

Revolut is using payment initiation services (PIS) technology from open banking player Tink to let users across Europe seamlessly move money into their account.

Accept payments easily with Revolut

The Revolut Merchant account is a sub account under a current Revolut Business account. Revolut Business customers can use the Revolut Merchant account and the Merchant API to accept online payments straight into your Merchant account. In addition, customers can manage orders and customers.

How To Request Money In Revolut

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—- In This Video You Will Learn How To Request Money In Revolut ‏‏‎ ‎

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How to send money from bank to Revolut -IBAN,SEPA Payment, SWIFT

Best P2P for EU residents:

In this video I will show you how to send money in different currencies from your bank account to your Revolut online bank account using SEPA payment , without using and sending from debit and credit card.
Also I’m going to show you where to find the SWIFT and IBAN on Revolut online bank account.

Revolut Buy Now Pay Later Developments | All About Payments

Revolut is announcing new product offerings, engaging in partnerships, acquiring licenses in foreign markets, and even more in a fight for financial super app dominance ��

In today’s video Jamyl Jonker covers:
�� Revolut’s latest products, market expansions & partnerships
�� Revolut’s Financial Super App vs WeChat & Alipay Super App
�� The financial super app leader

What move do you expect Revolut to do next in its path toward the financial super app status?

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