Fintech Juni raises $206M in equity and debt

Fintech Juni raises $206M in equity and debt

Swedish company Juni, a neobank aimed at e-commerce entrepreneurs, has closed on $206 million in Series B and venture debt funding.

The “What” – Crowdfunding Securities and Deal Terms – CrowdWise Academy (222)

It is next critical for crowdfunding investors to understand the financial securities being offered and associated deal terms in crowdfunding offerings.

What types of securities should investors who are looking to maximize financial gains be investing in?

What are the most common deal terms that are good (or bad) for crowdfunding investors?

What is the difference between common shares, preferred shares, SAFEs, and convertible notes?

We discuss all the details of Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) securities and deal terms in today’s lesson.

Startup Investing 101 Series
Level 2, Module 2 – Early-Stage Investing Essentials

CrowdWise Academy – free educational videos and content for investors in equity crowdfunding (Reg CF and Reg A+ of the JOBS Act).

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Debt Financing for Alternative Protein Companies with Silicon Valley Bank

Founders of alternative protein companies all eventually face the challenges associated with “scaling up.” It is one thing to develop a paradigm-shattering product and another thing entirely to supply that product to the world. One of these challenges is maturing from small-scale, venture capital-backed pilot production to capital intensive commercial production, which often requires hard-to-get or expensive debt financing. Experienced technology company banker Jordan Kanis will provide an introduction to debt, its value, and how to unlock it — all with a focus on the alternative protein industry. The ~35 minute presentation will be followed by ~15 minutes of audience Q &A.

Topics include:
1. What is debt? What is venture debt financing, and how does it fit in the capital stack
2. Why debt? The uses of debt and it’s importance for scaling up the alternative protein industry
3. How do I unlock debt? What financiers look for and how to make debt capital “cheaper”

Meet our Presenter: Jordan Kanis
Jordan Kanis is Director, Energy & Resource Innovation at Silicon Valley Bank, a leading bank serving 50% of all US VC backed tech and life science companies. At SVB, Jordan helps finance innovative companies that mitigate climate change, including leaders in the alternative protein industry for nearly a decade. Jordan has extensive experience in domestic and international financing, cash and treasury management solutions, and lending to early, growth, and later-stage cleantech companies. Jordan earned his BA in BA in History from the University of California San Diego.

Sofi Stock News Update Today! Palantir stock price targets and PLTR stock price predictions!

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Sofi stock and Palantir stock are some of the most popular growth stocks on my channel. I will keep making videos about their latest news updates and price targets. I will start by talking about the latest Sofi stock news updates which would include why analysts say that investors should buy sofi stock due to how they think the stock is undervalued. Sofi stock has dropped by around 74% in their share price which is why investors are losing hope in sofi stock. I think that right now is a good time to buy sofi shares because they are cheap and they are trading below what analysts’ prediction analysis price targets are for the stock. Analysts have sofi stock price targets and sofi stock price predictions that range anywhere between $7 and $11 which means currently the SOFI stock price is undervalued. Next in this stock market news update, we will talk about the newest PLTR stock news for Palantir Technologies. Palantir stock has fallen so low that the majority of investors are in the red and they need to keep the stock for the next 3 years for their investment to pay off. Investors who jumped into the PLTR stock too early have been hurt and need to keep in mind that for a growth stock like PLTR they need to hold this company for the next 5 to 10 years to make a profit. Palantir stock does not look as good as SOFI stock does in my opinion so I have more money invested in Sofi but overall they are both risky growth stocks.

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Why is this European fintech company raising 200 mln euros? | Kalkine Media

Why is this European fintech company raising 200 mln euros? | Kalkine Media

On December 13, European fintech providing end-to-end working capital solutions Novicap announced that it had raised a 200 million euros debt facility from London-based asset manager, Fasanara Capital.

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